So I'm getting ready to do this talk at the Eyeo festival in June, and I've been putting together bits and pieces that I hope will be enough for a talk. 

A lot of Americans right now seem to be confused about this world we've entered. I've heard it described as "post fact" before, and that's maybe the most accurate way to describe it. This world to me looks very familiar though. It looks like the world of hacker rivalries from the early 2010s. It looks a lot like the world where the ultimate "fact-based" source of inromation was Encyclopedia Dramatica.

The late 90's evolution of "hacker culture" was friendly, but beginning to develop a bit of an edge that would start to show itself more and more as the 2000s drew near. Hacker rivalries and politically focused attacks became more and more trendy. Guys like th3j35t3r were doing political defacements and beefing publicly with other groups and individuals in the secuity community. Ego has always been a cornerstone to the security experience, but now it was getting personal.

Then something odd happened.

A number of the cultural aspects that contributed to the development of this culture, things like defacements, and document dumps, and memes were all hijacked and began being used to promote nationalist interests.

I have more thoughts on this that I'll be presenting in my talk, but this post is getting long and I don't want to go down a weird, neverending rabbit hole.